Austral Gal Max Hinge Joint

Austral 6-70-30x200m roll $190.12

Hinged Joint fencing is the most popular pre-fabricated fence used globally. The Hinged Joint allows the necessary flexibility to move without breaking wires when pressure is placed on the fence by stock.

All line wires are high tensile 2.50mm wires, and all vertical wires are soft 2.50mm.

Also available 6-90-30X200m  |  7-90-30-X200m  |

8-90-30X200m and many other Austral quality heavily

galvanised products.

Size Description Example:6-70-30 = 6 horizontal (line) wires, 70cm fence height, 30cm vertical (picket) wire spaces.


Now: $190.12

Offer ends Saturday 30th September!